PCB 1500 Plus Peltier Cryobath

The PCB 1500 Plus Peltier Cryobath is a Peltier-controlled external water re-circulator ideal for all thermostatic cell holders. As a stand-alone external accessory, it requires no electronic or physical modifications to the cell holders. The principal feature of this device is that the water is heated and cooled using Peltier elements, allowing a very wide temperature range as well as providing excellent temperature accuracy. In addition, heating and cooling ramps can be programmed locally or remotely (remote software not included).

The PCB Plus circulates water at ambient temperature. Heating and cooling occurs in the cuvette cell holder via the PCB Plus controlled Peltier.

PCB 1500 Plus Peltier Cryobath features:
• User-friendly interface and digital display
• Local or remote control
• Dual voltage settings (110V / 220V)

Part# DB-PCB-Plus-EU (220-240V/50-60Hz)
Part# DB-PCB-Plus-US (115-120V/50-60Hz)

The following options are available:
• Remote software
• Cuvette holder

PCB Spec chart