Returns and Repairs

Procedure for returning VICI DBS products

Please contact first your local distributor, your local service organisation before sending any generators to us.

If you need to return products to VICI for maintenance and/or repair, please note the following important requirements:

  • The completed VICI DBS Return Form (download here) must be sent to VICI (Email or fax) for approval before an RMA No. can be issued.
  • All returned products must be accompanied by a completed Decontamination Report.
  • Remove all adapters, fittings, or similar accessories, etc. that are not an integral part of the product. VICI will not be responsible for lost or damaged items that are not an integral part of the product.
  • The product(s) must be drained of any fluids and residue, and securely packaged. As part of the service/repair request, you are responsible for the decontamination prior to shipping.
    • Chemical: Danger to health, risks of explosion, fire, risks for the environment. Please indicate the chemical formula and name of the gases or substances that have been in contact with the product.
    • Biological, explosive, or radioactive: In case of contamination, VICI is currently unable to receive, decontaminate, and recycle such material.
  • The Decontamination Report must be signed by a person authorized to take responsibility that the information provided on the form is correct.
  • The completed Decontamination Report must be secured to the outside of the shipping package.

These requirements are necessary because the health and safety of our staff is of paramount importance.

If any returned products do not comply with the above requirements VICI reserves the right to quarantine or return the product(s) at the customers cost.

If following inspection and quotation you decline the repair you may be subject to a service fee to cover product decontamination, disassembly, cleaning, and evaluation.

Please also be advised that by sending your product(s) to us, you have authorized us to disassemble the item(s) for inspection and/or failure analysis. If the product is subsequently deemed not repairable or you decline the repair and request the item to be returned, we cannot ensure that it will be reassembled to working condition.

We are sure that you share our concern for the safety of our personnel and we request your full cooperation in carrying out these few extra steps prior to returning any products to VICI.

If anything is not clear or you have further questions, please contact the VICI technical support team under