The Safe Hydrogen Carrier Gas Solution for GC

The benefits of switching GC carrier gas from helium to hydrogen, such as faster analysis and improved resolution, have long been understood. Financial motives to drive change have also gained recent momentum due to the continual escalation in the market price of helium.

Major concerns over heightened safety risks associated with the use of hydrogen gas remain at the fore and cylinder based hydrogen supplies offer little opportunity to significantly avoid or improve safety levels in the laboratory.

Conversely, the VICI DBS range of NM Hydrogen Generators with highly sophisticated software control and alarm capability present the GC user with the opportunity to reap all the benefits offered by hydrogen, whilst overcoming the safety concerns.

NM generators are available in seven models to deliver flows from 100 to 1,000 ml/min of ultra high purity hydrogen, 99.99996%. These make an ideal choice for both carrier gas and fuel gas on all GC applications