Reasons to Cascade Laboratory Gas Generators

What is Cascading?

Cascading gas generators means connecting multiple gas generators together.

Why would you want to cascade?

When you connect multiple gas generators together, even if one generator goes down, the remaining generators continue to produce hydrogen, nitrogen or zero air for your application. 

This prevents down time in your lab. 

Increase flow rate output up to 10 l/min. If you have greater needs for your application, the output can be increased significantly, permitting you to accomplish analyses that couldn't be accomplished with a lower flow rate.

How cascading works:

The communication of the generators is done via an interface. Each generator needs to be assigned a unique ID number. Each generator must know how many generators are connected in the cascading group. As soon as the generators are powered up, one generator becomes the primary, and controls the others (secondary). If there is a problem with the primary generator, one of the secondary generators will become the primary.