Upgrade Your Lab with VICI DBS Hydrogen Generators

VICI DBS Hydrogen generators provide a wide range of benefits to your lab. 

Cascading Icon

The ability to "cascade", or install several hydrogen generators in parallel, provides:
• Higher flow rates - up to 10 lpm
• Automatic flow compensation in the event of unplanned downtime
• Continuous operation for critical applications

Savings Icon

Hydrogen gas generators avoid the need for expensive installation of gas pipelines from the cylinder storerooms to the labs, as well as the need to repeatedly change the bottles. The dual configuration H2 or H2 + Air, available in a single instrument, saves space and money.

Convenient Icon

Hydrogen as a carrier gas is faster and more sensitive than the more expensive helium, providing run time savings of 25% to 35% without a decline in resolution.

Easy Icon

The unit features remote software control via RS232, USB, or intranet. With automatic cold dryer regeneration, there are no caustic solutions used. Maintenance is simplified by our deionizer bag access system, which allows changing out the deionizer bag without tools, without even turning off the instrument.

Safety Icon

The very small internal volume (less than 50 ml) allows safe use of gas generators where the use of cylinders is risky or prohibited. The application of tested safety technologies stops the unit in the event of leaks or malfunction. An optional hydrogen sensor is available for monitoring the oven-LEL of the GC. The VICI DBS Plus series also includes additional security features like a shock sensor to prompt shutdown in the event of an earthquake.

Efficient 24-7 Icon

Round the clock continuous operation maximizes lab productivity, eliminating dead time for gas bottle changeover and maintenance of the drying system.