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VICI DBS Gas Generators

Technology you can trust

VICI DBS is a leading innovator and manufacturer of high purity gas systems for analytical laboratories. Our gas generators are specifically designed to meet the stringent gas requirements for all the leading GC and LC/MS instrument manufacturers.Gas generators offer a safe, convenient and cost-effective alternative to gas cylinders and dewars. A VICI DBS generator provides you with a dependable, easy to use, and on-demand supply of ultra-high purity gas.

Over 10,000 VICI DBS gas generators utilizing our patented proprietary technologies are installed worldwide. Our gas generators utilize our patented proprietary technologies These technologies offer unique performance benefits, including guaranteed ultra-high purity gas, minimal moving parts, and low maintenance.

Generators for GC Applications

VICI DBS designs and manufacturers a wide selection of gas generators for GC applications for use as carrier gas, detector gas and fuel gas

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Eliminate health and safety issues and requirements for managing, moving and storing high pressure gas cylinders. No concerns with the storage of flammable hydrogen gas or the sudden accidental release of high pressure gas from a cylinder.

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Minimal generator maintenance costs, combined with eliminating ongoing costs associated with cylinders, such as volatility of gas prices, delivery and rental costs and unplanned downtime.

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No instrument or application downtime as a result of running out of cylinder gas. Gas generators provide a 24/7 reliable on-demand supply.

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Consistent, reliable on-demand supply of gas at stable high purity and pressure, improves sensitivity and reproducibility.


Reduce costs in your lab

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