HP Plus 500 Rack Nitrogen Generator


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The new HP Plus 500 Rack Nitrogen Generator produces nitrogen by utilizing a combination of filtration and pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology. Standard compressed air is filtered by high efficiency coalescing filters to remove all contaminants down to 5 µ. For ultra sensitive applications the 19” rack units also include the additional heated catalyst module to ensure hydrocarbons are removed to <0.1 ppm. The air then passes through two columns filled with a carbon molecular sieve (CMS) which removes O2, CO2 and moisture. These are desorbed to atmosphere during the pressure swing cycle leaving a supply of ultra pure nitrogen.

▪︎ Flow rate 500 mL/min
▪︎ Purity >99.999%
▪︎ Pressure up to 5 barg (75 psig)
▪︎ Proprietary carbon molecular sieve
▪︎ Ideal for analyzer applications
▪︎ 2 year standard warranty

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Part# DB-N2R-500-O-EU (230-240V/50-60Hz)
Part# DB-N2R-500-O-US (100-110V/60 Hz)

▪︎ Online GC-FID
▪︎ MUDD Logging
▪︎ Carrier gas and make up gas
▪︎ Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer (THA) fuel gas

Flow ml/min 500
Purity >99.999%
Hydrocarbon purity (measured as methane) <0.1 ppm
Dewpoint ºC (ºF) -50 (-58)
Outlet pressure barg (psig) up to 5 (75)
Inlet pressure barg (psig) 7 to 10 (100 to 160)
Actual inlet air requirement litres at 8 bar (116 psig) 11
Recommended compressor air inlet at 8 bar (116 psig) 22
Pressure drop barg (psig) 1.5 (22)
Inlet air quality Clean dry compressed air ISO8573-1:2010 Class 1.2.1
Technology Carbon molecular sieve
Warm up time (minutes) 60
LED indicators Power on/off, system ready, errors
Electrical supply 110-120V 60Hz / 220-240V 50Hz
Power consumption watts 270
Noise level Minimal
Product dimensions mm (in) 19" rack W x 3U H x 500D (19W x 5.25H x 19.6D)
Product weight kg (lbs) 10 (22)
Shipping dimensions mm (in) 720W x 565H x 375D (28.3Wx 22.2Hx 14.7D)
Shipping weight kg (lbs) 14 (31)
Operating temperature ºC ( ºF) 15 to 35 (59 to 95)
Inlet connection 1/4" OD Swagelok or 6 mm OD rapid fitting
Outlet connection 1/8" OD Swagelok or 4 mm OD rapid fitting

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