Mistral Evolution Hybrid Nitrogen Generator

The Mistral Evolution Hybrid Nitrogen Generator was specifically designed to meet the flow, purity, and pressure requirements of the LCMS of AB SCIEX. The simple and proven pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology is employed to remove nitrogen from compressed air. Selective mol sieves (CMS) adsorb remaining oxygen and traces of humidity.

▪︎ Flow rate 12 lpm
▪︎ Purity 98% 
▪︎ Pressure up to 7 bars (100 psi)
▪︎ Oil free, low noise compressor options
▪︎ Proprietary carbon molecular sieve technology
▪︎ Complete 'plug and play' LC/MS solution
▪︎ 2 year standard warranty

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Part# DB-EVO-10-EU (220V/50Hz)
Part# DB-EVO-10-US (115V/60Hz)

Part# DB-EVO-HY-EU (220V/50Hz)
Part# DB-EVO-HY-US (110V/60Hz) 


The following option is available:
▪︎ N/A

Nitrogen flow rate lpm 12 @ 5 bar (80psi)
Air 1 - flow rate lpm 8 @ 4 bar (60psi)
Air 2 flow rate lpm 24 @ 7 bar (100psi)
Nitrogen Purity 98%
Dewpoint -50oC
Outlet pressure bar (psi) 7 (100)
Technology Carbon molecular sieve
Warm up time (minutes) 20 minutes
Electrical supply 110-120V 60Hz / 220-240V 50Hz
Power consumption watts 1800
Noise level 55 dBA @ 1 metre
Product dimensions mm (inches) 482W x 641H x 835D (18.9W x 25H x 33D)
Product weight kg (lb) 90 (198)
Shipping dimensions mm (inches) 550W x 800H x 940D (21.6Wx 31.4Hx 37D)
Shipping weight kg (lbs) 115 (254)
Operating temperature oC (oF) 15 to 35 (59 to 95)
Outlet connection 3 x 6mm OD compression or 1/4"
Certification CE, MET,FCC