Custom Accessories

VICI DBS can customize our Peltier Accessories to customer specifications.

Electrical managing station
Customer to provide digital files of logo as well as front and back labels
VICI DBS will install labels as requested.

Custom labeling options:

  • Front and back written labels
  • 35x35 mm brand logo

Custom Label Options

Peltier powered cell holder
Customer to provide cell holder/s for the cuvettes.

VICI DBS will devise a method of integrating the Peltier elements in the cell holder, ensuring that it functions the way the customer specifies (cool down and/or heat up the cell holder, including also a possible magnetic stirring system).

Cell holders cooling options:

  • water cooled
  • air cooled

Cell holder cell options:

  • Single cell
  • Double cell
  • Multi-position cell