HP Plus 200 Tower Nitrogen + HC Removal Generator


The new HP Plus 200 Tower Nitrogen + HC Removal Generator produces high purity nitrogen for all major applications in analytical laboratories. Nitrogen generators eliminate the problems associated with the handling of high pressure gas tanks and reduce the cost of high purity nitrogen immediately. The HP Plus Tower series of nitrogen generators use air from a separate compressor and remove the oxygen to less than 10 ppm (hydrocarbons to 0.1 ppm is optional). The guaranteed flow rate of pure nitrogen is 200 mL/min.

▪︎ Flow rate 200 mL/min
▪︎ Purity >99.999%
▪︎ Pressure up to 5 barg (75 psig)
▪︎ Space saving design
▪︎ Propriotory carbon molecular sieve
▪︎ Optional hydrocarbon removal for GC applications
▪︎ Ideal for GC carrier gas including ECD, make up gas, TOC, DSC, and ELSD applications
▪︎ 2 year standard warranty

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Part# DB-N2T-200-O-EU (220V/50Hz)
Part# DB-N2T-200-O-US (115V/60 Hz)

▪︎ ECD
▪︎ TGA & DSC

The following option is available:
▪︎ Catalytic oven

Flow mL/min 200
Purity >99.999%
Hydrocarbon purity (measured as methane) 0.1ppm
Dewpoint ºC (ºF) -50 (-58)
Outlet pressure bar (psi) up to 5 max (75)
Inlet pressure bar (psi) 7 to 10 (100 to 160)
Actual inlet air requirement liters at 8 barg 11
Recommended compressor air inlet at 8 barg 22
Pressure drop barg (psig) 1.5 (22)
Inlet air quality Clean dry compressed air ISO8573-1:2010 Class 1.2.1
Technology Carbon molecular sieve
Warm up time (minutes) 60
LED indicators Power on/off, system ready, errors
Electrical supply 110-120V 60Hz / 220-240V 50Hz
Power consumption watts 270
Noise level Minimal
Product dimensions mm (inches) 140W x 490H x 630D (5.5Wx 19.3Hx 24.8D)
Product weight kg (lb) 17 (44)
Shipping dimensions mm (inches) 770W x 590H x 410D (30.3W x 16.1Hx 23.2D)
Shipping weight kg (lbs) 22 (49)
Operating temperature ºC ( ºF) 15 to 35 (59 to 95)
Inlet connection 1/4" compression
Outlet connection 1/8"compression
Certification CE, FCC

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