PCB 1500 Peltier Cryobath

VICI DBS works alongside the customer in all phases of development of custom temperature controllers, from definition of required specifications to testing of final prototypes. The result is a high-quality and reliable temperature control accessory to operate as part of the instrument manufacturer’s system. Indeed, as well as being customized in terms of colors, logos and size to fit with the instrument line, all DBS temperature controllers feature a built-in RS232 serial interface, allowing the units to be controlled within the manufacturer’s software package. Our accurate Peltier temperature controllers feature a wide temperature control range (0°C to 110°C) and can be made to suit a variety of cell holder configurations (single cell, 1x1, 6x6, etc.).

Part# DB-PCB-1500-EU(220-240V/50-60Hz)
Part# DB-PCB-1500-US(115-120V/50-60Hz)

• User-friendly interface and digital display
• Local or remote control
• Built-in stirring control
• Dual voltage settings (110V/220V)
• CE mark

Peltier Chart